Part Time Care Technology Installer + Virtual Carer

Role Title: Part Time Care Technology Installer + Virtual Carer

Location: Liverpool – You will be travelling in and around the County to install our care technology in customers’ homes or care homes and then working from home completing Virtual Care Calls via our online Portal.

Alcove - Help us keep elderly and vulnerable people safer and better connected by using digital technology

Alcove ( is a market leader in assisted care technology that is disrupting social care by embracing technology and using connected, smart technologies to keep elderly and vulnerable people safe and better connected whilst allowing them to remain independent in their home. By installing sensor-based technologies within individuals’ homes, the health and well-being of vulnerable residents can be better monitored remotely, leading to potential problems being identified earlier.

We specialise in delivering connected care technology for local authorities, the NHS, housing associations and sheltered accommodation providers across the country. We are the market leader in data led, digital connected care technology in the UK and are scaling rapidly in the country.

We are looking to recruit highly motivated individuals to join us as our Care Technology Installers and play a key role in delivering on our technology contract in Liverpool and help older and vulnerable people to live more independent lives.

You will be responsible for installing our technology in our clients’ homes, working closely with family members, social workers, local authorities and the Alcove team to ensure a fully customised tech solution that provides the best for their health and well-being.

You will also be delivering virtual care calls to those clients via our online portal at agreed times and on set days. You will also be required, using our online portal, to host group calls with more than 1 client at a time and facilitating sessions aimed at common interests the clients have such as quizzes or music for example.

What you will be doing:

1) Deliver, collect, install, demonstrate, repair and maintain care technology in people's own homes across the county.

2) All administration relating to the installation should be conducted on site or immediately before the next install

3) All technology set up and testing should be done at least the night before an installation if not sooner

4) Arranging your diary to fulfil the installations when its suitable for the client and their unpaid carer who both need to be present  

5) You will travel by driving your own vehicle.

6) You will support people of all ages to maintain their health and wellbeing, including those people who are leaving hospital or to prevent the need for them to use other health and social care support.

7) You will also be supporting unpaid carers to carry on caring for friends and family.

8) Day-to-day management of stock and maintenance of stock

9) Set up / repair / collection of care technology in people's own homes. This could also include supporting them to use their own mobile and smart home technology, apps, etc as needed. You will be supported by our team of tech advisers

10) Move and track equipment in and stock movements through our computerised bar code scanner system.

11) Carry out risk assessments; provide advice and assistance to ensure the client’s safety and wellbeing referring them, if necessary, to appropriate services for assistance.

12) Respond to emergency requests and safeguard client’s, alerting other services or contacts.

13) Maintain and document accurately all, installations, emergencies, handovers and in accordance with agreed procedures.

14) Manage enquiries, ensuring faulty equipment is reported making arrangements for or repair to minimise the risk.

15) Maintaining links with internal and external agencies to facilitate access to their help at times of emergency

16) Train and instruct new members of staff in a ‘hands on’ and continuing learning process.

17) Diarising and performing virtual care calls to those clients you  have installed for using our online portal – making sure they are ok and following any guidance given to us as part of the referral

18) Summarising the calls via email and logging all communication in our online CRM system

19) Organising and hosting group calls to more than 1 client at a time using our online portal and facilitating a group session that is based around a common interest i.e. quizzes, music, gardening etc.

Essential Skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills – you can build rapport with people easily and are a good listener
  • You are a strong team player, are flexible approach and have good communication skills
  • Good level of general education to GCSE or similar (as a guide 4 GSCE’s A*-C)
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • You can drive and have access to your own vehicle
  • Ability to prioritise and categorise based on information provided and using sound judgement
  • Effective written skills
  • Effective organisation and time management skills. Organised and diligent.
  • Self-starter.

Helpful Skills

  • Experience (personal, paid or voluntary) of working with disabled adults and older people
  • Knowledge of technology and a passion for it
  • Knowledge and experience of working with Healthcare Professionals
  • Experience of working with a range of partner organisations
  • Experience within a community setting
    • Experience of working in a challenging and emotional environment, dealing with clients/families that may be recently bereaved, be at end of life, have learning disabilities or needing equipment to help rehabilitate


Prorata salary of £11,500 per year or £11 per hour, depending on experience, in addition to mileage, @ £0.25 per mile

You should have a valid driver's license – we can help cover your Business Cover on your Insurance so you can use your own vehicle.

20 hours per week split between installs and inbound and outbound calls from home (full training will be provided in our HQ in Colchester for a day).