Oliver's Story

Meet Oliver

Oliver is in his mid-30s and lives independently at home. Due to mobility issues, he uses a walker to get around and is constantly at risk of falling. Throughout the day, he has a designated carer who provides him with company and assistance.

In the past, Oliver has suffered from serious falls while his carer was off duty and struggled to call for assistance. To make matters worse, a history of local children spamming his front doorbell has led to him rushing to the front door unnecessarily. This not only affects Oliver's quality of life but puts him at further danger of falling.

Oliver's Bespoke Alcove Package

Providing Peace of Mind

To allow Oliver to effortlessly call for help, we installed a Video & Voice Carephone and wearable Falls Button with a built-in fall detector that sends an instant notification to his carer's phone in the event of a fall. If Oliver happens to fall in the shower without his wearable, he can also raise an alarm vocally with his new Echo Dot configured with our "Alexa trigger help" skill.

"I have serious issues walking around and use a frame for support. I have struggled with falls and kids messing me around outside my door. Now, if I fall, the pendant calls my personal carer who is also my close friend. And even better, if I am in the shower, I can use Alexa to shout out for help. It gives me confidence in moving around as I know I can inform someone if anything happens."

"Brilliant. Life is much better with tech... it gives me confidence in moving around as I know I can inform someone if anything happens."

Improving Safety and Security

To combat the ongoing issue with local children knocking on his door, we connected a Video Doorbell to Oliver's personal tablet. Whenever someone rings the doorbell, he can check whether there is a genuine caller before making a potentially unnecessary and dangerous trip to the front door.

"The doorbell has been a good deterrent, it has slowly helped stop kids knocking and running away to make me walk through the house. Now they think twice and I can see anyone who comes near my door.”

Boosting Quality of Life

To further reduce the need for Oliver to get up and risk a fall, we installed Alexa-powered lightbulbs throughout his home, allowing him to control the lights with his voice rather than reaching for a light switch.

"I love the lights. I can now do my bedtime reading without having to get out of my bed, this has been the source of numerous falls over the years."

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Note: Names and faces have been anonymised