Sexy, Safe and Secure

Published on in Alcove Business, Technology section

Why do we all stick our fingers in our ears and pretend we are not getting old?

Is it the slippers or the elasticated waistband, comfortable slacks that await that scare us?

Or the nomenclature – not ready to be an #OAP #Senior #Elder #Pensioner yet?  

Or the common associations with ageing… #depression #loneliness #incontinence #medication #diabetes #alzheimers #cognitiveimpairment #dementia #falls #frailty #hypertension #COPD #osteoperosis.

Either way, there are a reasonable amount of things to rationally fear. To make matters worse, taking sensible steps to address any of these usually requires buying some hideous aid, medical or mobility device, or home adaptation. Let’s face it. Most older adult products and services are not very attractive. From big red buttons, to beige plastic boxes; to walking sticks, wheelchairs and stair lifts. No one is really pushing the boat out and designing useful and potentially life saving things better. And where is all the cool software that could really make a difference? You might reasonably expect 20% of the population (65+ if that counts as “old”?) to be better catered for.

If you’re lucky and have one close, you might be able to drive to an out of town vendor on a light industrial estate to peruse the aisles of ugly “things” that no one would normally choose to wear or have in their house. If they had a choice. But people often don’t have a choice, as they have already had an accident before making a buying decision – it’s usually only after a crisis event that you are willing to consider using or having such a “thing” anywhere near you.

So for us, we started with a mantra - it had to be useful, work, look great (good enough for all of us to wear or have in our houses) and be easy to use. And we didn’t reinvent the wheel building ugly bits of plastic. We adapted modern, sexy consumer technology.

Our STAY SAFE AT HOME package is an adapted home automation system. Attractive, clever little sensors stick up where you want them in your home. These little things and a little bit of Alcove magic (credit our tech team) work out what you normally do and tell someone you love when something might be wrong = not eating or drinking, not sleeping, not moving, doors opening at funny times. Most of the time, you won’t even know they are there, except when you show off and point them out to the neighbours. Just that little extra layer of protection and reassurance that your family will know if and when you need them. That’s all.

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