Pioneering Independent Living: Care Tech Not Telecare

Alcove’s award winning IoT digital care technology is pioneering independent living for older and disabled adults, and revolutionising the delivery of care and support services globally, using our smart platform which integrates modern technologies including in home sensors, wearables, Alexa and an in home voice & video communication aid to provide a data led, aspirational 21st century digital care service. This means no more pull cords or big red buttons around people’s necks. This means proactively notifying when to look out for a risk as a loved one lives their life at home, rather than waiting for an incident to happen. Alcove offers a real-time, data-driven alternative, helping care providers move from a reactive and towards a preventative model. The information we can collect spans movement, light, eating, med compliance, bathroom use,

carer visits, heat, family visits, sleeping location and time, doors being left open, wandering, bedwetting, visitors, voice calls in and out, video calls in and out and our new AI led platform launching in 2018 puts much of that data to good use, for social good, and to improve the way people age in place at home thus avoiding or delaying entry into institutionalised residential care homes and help manage risk around our loved ones. This can only be enabled with a truly connected ecosystem, so pick and mix which technologies suit your loved one now, then add or remove as their care needs change. With over 3,000 devices deployed globally and systems in the UK, France, Germany, Poland and Spain, and across multiple Local Authorities, Social Housing and Care Providers Alcove technology is positioned to be the global leader in in-home care assistive technology.

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Pioneering technology-empowered independence is Alcove's vision and we are playing our part in driving a long term care revolution.

We don't believe putting pull cords in people's homes or big red buttons around their necks is a solution. Who aspires to that? We want people to buy Alcove because they want to not because they have to. Harnessing the potential of today's tools (Alcove are the Alexa pioneers within the Assistive Technology industry: first to deploy Alexa voice controls en masse amongst digitally excluded individuals) and evidencing how we have a significant, positive impact on people’s lives is what drives us.

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