Alcove 'Find Me' - GPS Tracker & Personal Alarm

Includes 1 year of SIM card costs & Alcove support.

The Alcove Find Me is a personal safety alarm with a large buddy button on the front that keeps family connected with their loved ones, can help maintain safety and reassure family and friends when a mobile phone is too difficult to use for the older adult. It is very small and very discreet meaning older adults can pop it in their pocket or handbag.

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Alcove 'Find Me' - GPS Tracker & Personal Alarm


TWO WAY VOICE As well as being a GPS locator your Alcove Find Me unit is also a fully functioning mobile phone unit. You can designate 3 numbers that it can contact and you will also be able to contact the tracker.

GPS LOCATION - LIVE SERVICES If you want to know where the tracker is just view it on the internet.

SIMPLE TO USE AND EASY TO SET UP Simply follow the guide and you’ll be ready in few minutes. Full support is given if you do need help in setting up. 

SOS – FULL TWO WAY VOICE CALLING If the user presses the SOS button, it will activate a voice call as well as sending its location to up to 3 people. The wearer then can talk into the Alcove Find Me and have a normal conversation

LOW BATTERY ALARM You will receive a notification to your mobile phone when battery power of the unit drops below 15%. You will also receive a low credit notification when your SIM credit falls below 2 GBP.

SMALL AND LIGHT The tracker only weighs in at 35g so it is very light. It also tiny only 42 mm wide and 62mm long and 16mm deep. So you can easily be carried.

UP TO 7 DAY BATTERY STANDBY Battery life will vary. Based on daily SOS calls and locations you can get up to one week standby. You can also get low battery alerts to come to you via text