Alcove 'Touch Me' - Learning Disability Touch Therapy Screen


A real Alcove sensory special - the screen senses the pressure of your touch for an immersive experience that is transformational via 'digitally including' those with therapy needs or in a learning disability/older adult common area setting.

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Alcove 'Touch Me' - Learning Disability Touch Therapy Screen


It's pretty flexible. When it isn't used as a therapy tool it can be used for watching TV, movies or acting as a music or radio. It's really strong. Gorilla glass means it is largely unbreakable - which is essential in a complex needs setting.

The features we have given the screen are pretty extensive (upon request our list has 56 options in it) and will be fully personalised upon set up - but to get you going here are some of our favourites that our customers have loved so far:

*Touch reactive therapy lights and sounds 

*Learn how to play the piano or drums or other instruments

*Draw and colour in or paint a watercolour

*Listen to your favourite music or watch Netflix 

*Listen to stories, have the screen read audio books and read digital books

Available as a large 40" or 60" screen for mounting on a wall or as a table and with a video calling option. Price depends upon customisation - price quoted is only to express interest - please get in touch.