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We love our customers

We are really enjoying the video calls. It’s made such a BIG difference. It was my mum who was very dubious at first. The thought of new technology and people coming into her flat really scared her. Like many people as they get older anything that is technical is received with “I don't want or need that.” I knew once mum got the Connect up and running it would provide her with comfort and security that she could contact us. I cannot emphasise enough the peace of mind it has given me as well as I know I can instantly see mum via video.

Dawn, daughter of Joyce, who lives in Peterborough.
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We love our customers

I would be a poster girl for Alcove. I noticed mum’s condition was accelerating once I could see what was going on when I wasn’t there. I could check every day what was going on which was very reassuring. Alcove just gives you a lot more visibility and a bit more confidence that things will be alright even if you’re not there.

June (62), daughter and carer of Jean (86), who was diagnosed with dementia 7 years ago
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We love our customers

My favourite thing about Alcove is the Connect. Being able to see people and speak to them is really good. My button makes me feel a bit safer walking around the flat because I worry about what would happen if I fall. I like that the carers that come to see me have to tap in because sometimes they are new people I have never met before. I always give feedback to the Alcove team so that they can help as many people as possible.

Joyce, who we love and adore, Stratford, London.
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We love our customers

MSH@Home is very happy to endorse and recommend the Alcove assistive technology system. It allows us to track and monitor the reliability of our caring staffing in the field, as well as demonstrating that we never miss a call when it comes to CQC inspections. It reduces client cost, because they may be able to reduce the number of care visits required in the day, but still have the security and peace of mind that their welfare is being monitored and they can remain living independently in the comfort of their own home.

Justin Gaffney RN, CEO, MSH@Home
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people live in a care home in the UK. Alcove can help you stay in your own home. Where we all want to be.

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We make independent living possible for more people so we can all look forward to a better way of living.

Alcove provides personalised packages of assistive technology for anyone who wants to live independently at home, but needs support to do so.

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Because nobody chooses to go into a care home.

Revolutionising Care & Support nationally for:

  • Families

    Know that your loved one is safe and secure. Reassurance that someone will be there even if you can’t be.

  • Care Providers

    Enables you to deliver more and better care for less. Create efficiencies and improve safeguarding at the same time.

  • Older Adults

    Stay in your own home. Choose what you want. Remain independent. Keep in touch with friends and family.

  • Disabled Adults

    Feel happy, safe and supported to live in your own home. Learn new skills and be more independent.

  • Keep in touch

    Combat isolation and feelings of loneliness. Speak or video a friend or relative by pressing a familiar face. Get text messages, prompts or reminders. All so simple anyone can use it.

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  • Stay Safe at Home

    Don’t worry about falls or accidents at home. Set up alerts which automatically tell someone that something may be wrong. No need to have to call for help yourself.

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  • Address Dementia

    Be better informed of what happens when home alone. See how conditions change and alert to worrying events. Everything from wandering to more frequent bathroom visits. Get reminder or prompts to do things – from taking medication to eating dinner.

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We started Alcove to solve a problem that will one day affect us all. Our goal is to enable independent living. We’re doing this by focusing on the individual needs and aspirations of our customers, and creating a solution that meets them.

Hellen Bowey & Alexandra Eavis, Directors

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