Retirement Villages

or Extra Care Facilities

Retirement Villages

or Extra Care Facilities

Because we keep walking into beautiful, stylish retirement villages, and seeing warden call boxes in the hallways and pull cords in the bathrooms as the ‘assistive technology’. Yes, assistive technology is needed – but it should be digital, reflect the aspirations of the users and be modular so that as conditions change, the technology does too.

  • 21st Century Telecare
  • Data & Insight Led Support
  • Modular & Adaptable
  • Alexa Specialists
  • Bespoke Options

In-Residence Video Carephone

  • Super easy one touch voice and video calling to connect residents with friends, family and care staff
  • Device can receive SMS from callers on whitelist
  • Simple messaging for daily, weekly and monthly reminders or “I’m ok today” check-ins
  • Full audit history of calls and messages made/received
  • Fixed in place and always on
  • Use to do remote medication prompts and check compliance through visual contact

“Press Me” Button

  • 21st century equivalent of traditional pull cords
  • Can be installed anywhere in the home
  • Each press of the button results in triggering of an Alcove Alert to a warden smartphone
  • Battery powered with no need for cabling
  • Many colour variations including: white, black, red, yellow, green, blue, brown and orange

Alexa Carer Check-In

  • Replaces traditional clock in and clock out systems
  • Registers care staff or family member visits
  • Know who is where, when, and for how long
  • Get alerted in case of late or non-attendance
  • Excel management information reports available to be able to check attendance against rotas
  • As well as the emergency function we’ve enabled it with, you get all of the beauty of Alexa and much more!

Alexa-Controlled Blinds & Lights

  • Unleash the power of Alexa for those with mobility issues
  • Allow residents to control lights and blinds with their voice
  • Prevent falls by turning on lights without reaching for a switch
  • Suitable for those with capacity who are in listening range of an Alexa device
  • Option to add other light bulbs, dimmer and other gadgets to the system

Warden Office Call Unit

  • Access each resident’s personal dashboard in one central location
  • Receive immediate alerts when a resident’s “Press Me” button is activated
  • Set personalised alerts and reminders based on each individual’s needs and requirements
  • Connect with residents directly through voice and video calling
  • Track and monitor the reliability of care staff in the field, fixed in place and always on

Warden Handsets

  • All the functionality of the Warden Call unit in a mobile device
  • Allows care staff to receive alerts and monitor residents on-the-go
  • Connect with residents through voice and video calling
  • Receive immediate alerts when a resident’s “Press Me” button is activated

Optional Extras

Pick and mix from our integrated add-ons to create a personalised package for your residents. Optional extras include…

  • Door Sensors
  • Movement Sensors
  • Fall Detection Button
  • Moisture Detection Pad
  • Bed/Chair Occupancy Sensor
  • Bogus Caller Button
  • Smart Doorbell
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Safemotion Watch
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Bocking Almshouses

21 apartments fitted with:

  • In-Residence Video Carephone
  • Alexa Carer Check-In
  • Press Me Buttons
  • Wi-Fi Network
  • Cat 6 Cabling
  • Assistive Communal Technology
  • Door Entry

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