Alcove Ai

Proactive and preventative care technology.
Powered by artificial intelligence.

  • Digital

  • Proactive

  • Data Powered

  • Automated

  • Desktop & Mobile

  • An intelligent care solution

    At Alcove, we are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to create the next generation of proactive and preventative care technology and further safeguard and protect those in need of support.

    We are continuously improving our platform with new self-learning algorithms that analyse data from our care technology ecosystem to automatically detect emergencies and behavioural changes that might otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Enhanced insights and analytics

    Artificial intelligence allows us to automate alerts with ever greater accuracy and serve instant notifications to family, friends and professional caregivers if an unusual event is detected that might need immediate attention. 

    Long-term analytics are also accessible through our easy-to-use portal. Over time, these can be used to effectively predict and prevent potential problems and assist in the improvement of care and support without compromising privacy and dignity.

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