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  • Alcove video carephones supporting the NHS Covid-19 response.

    Alcove video carephones enable patients without access to mainstream technology to participate in virtual consultations with health professionals, and other therapeutic tasks (rehabilitation sessions, planned reviews, support for medication, checking SATs) over the secure Alcove platform.

    Unique key features of the Alcove Video Carephone for the NHS are:

    • Integrated hardware and software video virtual consultation solution for people without access to consumer tech and smart devices
    • Simple to use device designed with and for people with little or no tech skills or experience (older people, people with mental health conditions, adults with learning disabilities)
    • Point to point secure calling through the Alcove platform; only authorised callers can make and receive calls from a patient
    • Including a 4G SIM means that the patient does not need any connectivity in their home to make video calls
    • Plug and play solution out of the box; patient or family member can set up the device themselves supported by a member of the Alcove team
    • Suite of BI dashboards to monitor usage and other metrics to support health professionals, patients, families and organisations
    • In addition to connecting securely to the NHS, Alcove encourage people to connect with friends, family members and local community services – all of which mean that the patient has access to a wide range of practical and emotional help and support which helps reduce demand on NHS services and professionals.

    The Alcove video carephone can helpfully complement your organisational virtual consultation tool – connecting with the significant minority who are not able to use mainstream video consultation technology.

  • Health Pathways and use cases established in the last 6 months:

    Admission avoidance:

    • Targeted deployment of devices to “at risk” patients to enhance remote monitoring and support to avoid hospital admission. Linking in to urgent community response teams.


    • Virtual ward solutions
    • COVID-19 wards: keeping people emotionally well by connecting directly with loved ones through the video carephone, without the need for help from busy ward staff.

    Supporting hospital discharge

    • Rehabilitation
    • Follow-up / planned consultant review
    • Remote assessment
    • Reablement

    Community health services

    • Long term conditions: diabetes, heart failure, respiratory
    • Stroke pathway: inpatient, early supported discharge, rehabilitation, review
    • MDT / integrated care delivery for frail patients
    • COVID-19 rehabilitation
    • Health coaching

    Adult mental health services

    • Supported living and accommodation
    • Medicines support
    • Older people’s community mental health services
    • Community mental health teams
    • Eating disorder services

    These are just some of the possible uses for the Alcove video carephone; the ingenuity and innovation of clinical staff continues to amaze us and we are constantly surprised and delighted at how people find new uses for the technology.

    The video carephone can be integrated with a range of health peripherals (oximeters, blood pressure monitors, ECG, thermometer) to enhance it’s application beyond virtual consultation.

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