Covid 19 Response - Stay Connected Service

The Alcove Video Carephone

We need to make it easy and safe for family members, neighbours and local community services to play their part in supporting people. We need to protect care workers from disease and infection risks and can continue to work and earn income while they are self-isolating.

Loved ones can have virtual video check-in from their own homes if they are self-isolating, significantly reducing loneliness and isolation.

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  • Loneliness

  • Engagement

  • Face-To-Face

  • Virtual Day Care

  • For Local Authorities: Care Visits replaced with Video Visits

    For those self isolating, we must safeguard against replacing one problem (infection) with another (loneliness). Unable to pop to the shops or visit friends as much as they used to, they spend more time alone and social circles begin to shrink.

    Studies have found that a growing number of older people find that days can pass by without speaking to anyone – and loneliness has shown to have a significant impact on health and wellbeing.

    Whilst the rest of us all use Zoom and Skype, for our loved ones whom are unable to access smart devices, a video chat with a friendly face on the super simple Alcove Video Carephone makes a huge difference. In fact, recent research has suggested that a single call to an older patient can almost halve the odds of hospital readmission. Our device connects carers, families, neighbours, health and communities - all with one touch of a face.

    Alcove has been working with multiple Local Authorities and the NHS to roll out over 6,000 Video Carephones during Covid. Want to know more? Please request more details by filling in the form below.

  • Challenge Alcove Enabled Response
    Reduced Care Workforce (up to 30%) Increased productivity through remote check-in, reducing travel time and unnecessary visits
    Risk of cross contamination from hands on care delivery Remote care delivery limits hands on care to essential tasks
    Risk of Harm if people left without care or supervision Remote check-in and more productive workforce reduces this risk
    Risk of depression from self isolation Care phone maintains contact with friends, family, and services – access to silver line
    Unable to get food, supplies and medicine Concierge service or local contacts can respond to needs and arrange deliveries
    Reduced earnings for care staff through reduced hours Care workers able to work remotely and maintain income while they are self-isolating


  • For Private Payers: Loneliness Video Call Service

    Combatting loneliness and social isolation with regular video calls and a real connection. With our Stay Connected Service, your loved one will receive a regular 15-minute phone call at a time that is convenient for them. There is no need for them to stay at home and wait.

    Through their video carephone, we’ll connect them with someone to talk to face-to-face who will take the time to listen and keep them company.

    They are free to chat about anything they choose, share life’s ups and downs, and even play Alexa-powered games and quizzes! We can also offer advice and recommendations and, if they choose, we will make sure that you are kept fully up-to-date.

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