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Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a serious risk for older adults, especially for those living in a community environment. Nadra Ahmed OBE, executive chair of the National Care Association, warned of “massive challenges” in the sector if large numbers of staff have to self-isolate.


Studies of the outbreak in China have found fatalities for the over 80s at around 15% compared with 1% for those under 50.


The Guardian revealed the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has begun talks with nursing homes and care home operators on how to pool workers in the event of large numbers of care workers being forced to go off sick or self-isolate due to the virus with talks are being held on emergency measures as the care sector faces the loss of up to 220,000 workers going off sick due to the coronavirus.




Alcove uniquely are the only assistive technology provider In the marketplace whom have embedded video calling at the heart of our IoT connected platform and our video care phone device allows for auditable, evidence logged video virtual visits plus the advantages of our remote monitoring data led dashboard. The system allows you to use remote medication prompts and visual consultations to check compliance and monitor long-term conditions through visual contact.


This is having real cross over benefits for remote monitoring for health workers as well as reducing contact with paid care staff; care staff can continue to work remotely using the dash board and video calling clients to deliver their care visits - as such, limiting hands on care to essential tasks only and avoiding adverse consequences for care staff who may have hours cut. Doctors and Community Nurses can perform their assessments and visits virtually on the same device.


The care capacity released can be focused on those with high / complex care needs in this time of crisis.


In the last few weeks Alcove have been assisting our clients to build their disaster recovery plans (notably in the advent of the pandemic escalating towards mass self isolation) and subsequently hitting the care industry and our loved ones hard.


This approach will be fundamental for post hospital discharge and to help alleviate pressures on public health.


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