Alcove leads on 5G in Assistive Technology with trials in partnership with BT and Samsung in Suffolk and joins the board of 5G Vinni



Alcove - the market leading digital social care platform has announced another first in the assistive technology market by being the first provider to enact 5G as part of its product offer and bring greater reliability and latency to digital care technology. 


Alcove CEO Hellen Bowey said “it’s been an exciting year for us technology wise with not only Alcove’s deployment of AI to our ecosystem, further developments with our Alexa skill and integration, the launch of our video loneliness service -  and now, the advent of 5G to help us keep achieving our mission, saving even more lives, taking even more burden off informal carers and saving Local Authorities Millions more in cashable efficiencies.”


5G-VINNI has been created to accelerate the uptake of 5G in Europe by providing an end-to-end (E2E) facility that validates the performance of new 5G technologies by operating trials of advanced vertical sector services.