✨Alcove Wins Groundbreaking Virtual Care Contract with Norfolk County Council✨

Published in THIIS Magazine: https://thiis.co.uk/alcove-secures-virtual-care-contract-to-support-elderly-with-norfolk-county-council/

Alcove is utterly delighted to be awarded the winner of the Virtual Care Contract with the fantastic Norfolk County Council and now we can shout about it!!! Please read the article; we are so, so proud of our Virtual Care agency and, our fantastic Virtual Carers whom bring joy to people's lives daily.

The contract marks a momentous achievement in the realm of virtual care services marking the first long term commissioned service in the UK.

Alcove has helped to ease the burden on stretched domiciliary care budgets, whilst making users feel supported and providing benefits such medication management, social isolation and wellbeing checks.

The partnership between Alcove and Norfolk Council signifies a pivotal step forward in enhancing the well-being and quality of life for elderly and vulnerable individuals residing in Norfolk.

Through this collaboration, Alcove will leverage its cutting-edge virtual care technology to empower residents with innovative tools and support systems that enable them to live more independent and connected lives.

Key highlights of the partnership include a service run rating of 17,000 virtual care calls per annum, locally based installation provision and a great relationship with the local NFS reablement service.

An add on option of Alcove sensors can also help to identify care needs generating further insights and benefits, as well as connecting clients to their friends and family across the globe.

Tanya Jones, Alcove’s Team Leader for the Virtual Care Service, stated: “Virtual care calls make a big difference to our clients by ensuring they’re safe, happy, and not alone, all while they stay in their own homes.

“These calls help in several ways: making sure clients take their medicine correctly, being a friendly voice to talk to and reduce loneliness, checking on their overall health, and giving them some control over their day-to-day lives.

“This means that family members can have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are being looked after, and clients can feel confident and cared for. Our clients have commented that they have made genuine connections with our virtual care assistants and feel they’re listened to.

Norfolk County Council said “We believe Norfolk County Council is the first Council in England to offer a virtual care agency for our citizens.

“This technological approach to care delivery and support is only in its infancy and there are further opportunities which have not yet been explored for using this technology to alter the way we support and deliver care to residents.”