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Case Study

Alcove's Virtual Care Agency

The Smiths' Story

Mr and Mrs Smith have been married for 62 years and historically enjoyed playing Bowls together - Mrs Smith cannot play Bowls anymore due to her health and she now tends to spend most of her time at home.

This has been a real change in the way Mr and Mrs Smith live their lives. Mr Smith is extremely supportive and cares for his wife daily, however, he still enjoys the odd game of Bowls but whilst he is out he is worrying about his wife at home on her own.

Since signing up to receive the Alcove Video Carephone and the Virtual Care calls it has given Mr Smith peace of mind that someone is checking in on his wife whilst he is out knowing that they will flag to him if there are any problems.


Life with Alcove

Mr Smith said “It is nice to know that Mrs Smith can have care/support whilst she is at home and from a distance without strangers coming into our home.”

Mrs Smith said “I can also use the machine to see my son at the weekends, and it is nice to see him.”

Mrs Smith has a great relationship with the Virtual Carers whom she sees on the Video Carephone and loves to make jokes. She has told the Virtual Carers that she has “A good sense of humour and doesn’t take life too seriously.”

Alcove have got to know Mr and Mrs Smith well over the first few video calls and now the calls just feel like a catchup with an old friend with plenty of jokes and laughter but most importantly Mr Smith is less worried and Mrs Smith is safe at home.


Alcove's Virtual Carer, Danielle

"Mrs Smith says to me she loves to talk to different types of people and loves talking with us as she doesn’t go out much (if at all). So Mrs Smith likes the company and always comments that she has a good family around
her also."