Development Team Missive


Today our business and ops team received a missive from our tech team that I thought might be of interest.

"Good Thursdays,

I thought that I would share with you all a morsel of the more practical side of the testing that we do. While this is only a very small part of my team’s work it is sometimes quite interesting and more accessible that many of the day to day development challenges that make up the majority of the work we do.

We test our devices to understand what happens if there is a problem with communication. We have a number of techniques from simply unplugging the cable to more interesting options, especially where there is no cable. So for instance what happens if someone wearing the Alcove Watch uses the London underground? When they go back above ground does the Alcove Watch reconnect to the mobile network again and still work?

Without going to London or an underground car park or various other physical locations, this can be mimicked with a Faraday cage.

We started out with a few small ones:


(yes these have actually been used and work very well at blocking mobile phone signal)

But it was time to upgrade to a larger Faraday cage for some new testing - see this short video.

Happy Thursday, Marcus and the Reading team"

It's not always easy knowing what other people do even in a small (but rapidly growing) team like Alcove's. Just goes to show how much we have got to learn from each other. It made us smile anyways.

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