Innovations in Independent Living

Hello folks. We’ve been busy cooking up in the lab new products to add to the Alcove range. It’s important to us that we create stuff that not only works and looks great but has a serious angle around using the cutting edge of smart tech to truly enhance the lives of older and disabled adults.

So here is the latest addition to our clan. She’s a showstopper – meet our Alcove ‘Touch Me’:

We think this is a truly game changing innovation for disability therapy, as a communal device in a supported living setting, or in the common area in a retirement village setting or residential care home.

What is it? Think of…. basically of a giant iPad. A giant touchscreen device which comes as a table or just a massive screen on the wall (our latest instalment of these is into each bedroom of a complex needs learning disability scheme) that can be personalised with a wealth of features, functions and apps that we load it all on for you.

Want to play the piano?

Want to have sensory session with visual/audio feedback? For customers with autism or challenging behaviours, we are using it as part of a digital sensory room.


Or just finger paint pretty pictures? 

Or keep in touch with family members, using video calling to have lifesize interactions with your loved ones from wherever they are in the world.

Or use it to keep the personal photo, story or music libraries of residents.

Or just have fun with TV shows, movies and music.

Touchscreens are so intuitive we’ve found even people that have never interacted with technology quickly pick up how to use them. The screen senses the pressure of your touch for an immersive experience that is transformational for those with therapy needs.

We all know about the myriad benefits of digital inclusion. This applies to both care and support workers, and their clients - digital skills can be learnt together. For people with learning disabilities, you may want to work on life skills, social stories or PECS for the non-verbal. For older adults, it may just be a journey of digital exploration to pay a bill online, or reminiscence therapy for those with dementia.

Sounds good right? It is. In fact, we’ve got very little work done since it arrived in the office and we started exploring the possibilities.

If you’d like to come and see what it does in person, we are officially launching it at the Naidex Exhibition in Birmingham on the 28-30 March (Stand A25).

Tickets are free so suggest you come along and see us – plus some of the other amazing innovations for the future of the independent living industry. Just go on the website to get your free ticket to Naidex 2017.

See you there!

Love Alcove x