❤️ Alcove Care Tech Case Studies: Jenny's Story Norfolk County Council ❤️

Jenny lives in Norfolk who has been with Alcove since October 2022. She experiences a variety of conditions which she takes daily medication for, including hayfever, cholesterol issues, arthritis and general body pain. Jenny lives alone at the moment and is able to live independently with some assisted social care, but was struggling with taking her medication regularly.

Jenny’s medication is very important for her to take, as she takes it for a variety of conditions she deals with, so forgetting her medication is a huge risk. Jenny's family also worry for her safety and independence at home.

Jenny was then introduced to Alcove, and supplied Jenny with the Alcove Video Carephone, and Sensors kit.

She receives three daily Virtual Care Calls from Alcove for medication prompts throughout the day which are in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Jenny spends her time socialising with friends regularly, investing in crochet as a hobby, and has two cats she adores - Forest and Jingles, who are always spending time with her in their home. Jenny is a cat lover who also enjoys crocheting pictures of cats.

Alcove’s Virtual Carers ensures in providing Jenny a smooth daily virtual care experience for her, consisting of regular medication prompts throughout the day and check-ins, and friendly conversation to aid in the more social and connectivity aspect of her virtual care.

Jenny has said that before she joined Alcove, "I have recently been forgetting to take my medication, especially at the correct times during the day. Since joining Alcove and receiving virtual care calls, I no longer forget to take my medication and this has benefitted my everyday life."

Jenny continues "Chatting to someone throughout the day is also a really nice thing. My family feel a lot better knowing I'm safe with the sensors in my home"

The effect of Alcove's Virtual Care has dramatically improved Jenny's taking of regular medication, by providing her with daily prompts, while also easing her families fears of isolation by enabling them to speak regularly on the Video Carephone. It has also enabled them to receive daily updates of Jenny's routine with the Alcove Sensors.