Miranda's Story - Carers Matter Norfolk

Carers Matters Norfolk referred Miranda for an Alcove Device as she had multiple health issues and is suffering from Social Isolation due to the fact her family live away.

Miranda has had a varied life living in multiple locations before her and her husband happily settled in Norfolk 20 years ago. Coming from a big family herself (Miranda is one of 5) She has 3 Adult Children and 19 Grandchildren, we laughed about how it must be difficult to remember all those Birthdays!

Miranda was a Social Worker in a busy Children’s Department assisting in Child Protection cases until an unfortunate stroke left Miranda unable to work.

Since Miranda became ill, she has struggled with Social Isolation and the sadness of missing out on seeing her family and watching her Grandchildren grow. This has been exacerbated by not being able to drive and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Since having her Alcove Carephone, Miranda could not say enough positive things about how Alcove has assisted her in her everyday life. She said the following praises for Alcove, it is a brilliant system and has made a massive difference in combatting my loneliness and depression. Miranda has her Alcove set up in the chair in the front room and when she is feeling low or wants to speak to a family member, she can easily click on the family member’s icon and have the video call.

One of the lovely statements captured from Miranda is, “it feels like there are in the room with you” and it is helping with the fear of missing out on watching her Grandchildren grow and the family Birthdays and parties.

Miranda informed me she has FND (Functional neurological disorder) which is why Alcove is brilliant as the ease of use compared to other tablets / smart devices makes it a “win in her book”

Miranda mentioned she only had one issue with Alcove, the sensitivity of the Carephone when she is moving the device into another room, she chuckled that she accidentally calls people – Miranda confirmed this is not a big issue as it instigates another conversation.

Miranda wished she had the device earlier in the pandemic. She has noticed already in a month using Alcove, what a huge difference this has made to her overall wellbeing being able to connect with family.

Miranda can see Alcove being a benefit for other people to help loneliness and feeling socially isolated.

I reached out to Miranda’s support worker from Carer’s Matter Norfolk, and she has also confirmed the change in Miranda – “Miranda has found the Alcove tablet has given her some control over her communications and is less socially isolated as a result. A general improvement with her emotional wellbeing has been noted” 

It was wonderful chatting to Miranda and hearing what a positive impact Alcove is having on her life. I am glad to see that a small piece of technology is giving her the confidence to feel connected and combatting her depression.