❤️ Alcove Care Tech Case Studies Sarah's Story - Assistive Tech Norfolk County Council ❤️

The Assistive Technology team at NCC referred Sarah for an Alcove Device in December 2021, as she lives alone after recently losing her husband. She has a son and daughter but unfortunately, they do not live local and this impacts her mental wellbeing as she feels very alone.

I started the conversation with asking about her experience before having an Alcove Video Carephone device, Sarah admitted that since the loss of Andy, her husband, she has started to become very lonely and feels locked within her 4 walls. Sarah informed me she also has problems with her knees which severely limits her walking without assistance.

When the support worker offered Alcove, Sarah confirmed she jumped at the opportunity as she was excited about how this could support her. She admitted that since having Alcove her world has re-opened again as she can physically see her children over video calls and as she describes it “it has been marvellous at connecting me and allowing me to feel included again”

One of the things Sarah said that resonates with me is that having the option to have video calls makes her feel “that the callers are in the room with her” I think that’s wonderful to show how Alcove really makes the difference in connecting people over video calls, and what can be lost sometimes over just telephone calls.

To end our discussion, I asked Sarah to describe her Alcove experience in one sentence and she replied with this: “it has been a life saver and makes the world feel normal again”