Tony's Story - Case Study

This story is from the wonderful Tony from Kent. Who is now part of the amazing KARA Project.

An advert last year sparked Tony’s interest in Alcove’s Video Carephone. With the family discussing possibly getting an iPad for Tony to contact his wife, Tony saw an advert for the KARA project and Instantly applied for a FREE Video Carephone to be delivered to his home as part of the amazing KARA Project. Since easily setting up the device, it’s become part of his everyday life.

Tony’s wife, Brenda spent around 2 years in and out of hospital before she suddenly lost her speech and became a permanent resident at The Red House Nursing Home in Canterbury. Before the KARA Video Carephone, Tony had no choice but to use the care home landline to call his wife, Brenda. He would sit twice a day for an hour, play tapes and talk to her on the line. Despite Brenda’s inability to speak due to Alzheimer’s, Tony has made this part of his daily routine and was unsure what she was able to hear and what was going on around her.

“The staff would answer the phone and leave it by Brenda’s bed side. The thing is carers are always busy and you can’t help but feel you're becoming an inconvenience.”

Tony and his son Elliot

Tony was advised by Alzheimer’s support that Brenda should be in a calm environment with loved ones around as much as possible. He feels the Video Carephone helps provide this for her as she can now see him while he’s talking to her. Tony is his wife’s most familiar face – this has amazing benefits for them both! Allowing Tony to see his wife daily and for Brenda to see and hear Tony. 

Tony says:

“ I was impressed with Rebecca initially when we were setting up the tablet and the support continued on the phone when needed. Tom from Alcove was brilliant too, with his immediate action to reboot the device for me…he didn’t even need to come over, he knew how to help me straight away. I was very impressed. The team are so supportive and got Brenda set up and connected to me straight away.”

“I am so grateful for Alcove and KCC for funding this for me and my wife, I would whole heartedly recommend this to others!”

Elliot (Tony’s son) says:

“It was weird actually, as we were looking to get Dad a tablet of his own to video call Mum, but we were worried he wouldn’t be able to manage it. Then Rebecca got in touch from Alcove. This device is so simple for Dad to use.”

Elliot also calls his Dad, Tony from sunny Spain to check in and speak to Tony regularly.


If you think you could benefit from the KARA Project, just like Tony has done. Please contact us below to find out if you are eligible for a Video Carephone.  -   020 3966 1121