We Just Lurrrrve Feedback We Do


*Milestone Klaxon*…

Happy days! We have now finished our trial with East Thames Group. We love feedback because we are all over impact measures – the more the merrier.

And it keeps us out of trouble.

We’ve been doing work shadowing (pre and post), exit questionnaires and interviews, and bucket loads of data analysis to get some insight into how we’ve done, help us measure Alcove’s impact and see where we can improve the Alcove offering.

When we started Alcove, we set out with a mission to build something that actually works (how mad does that sound? BUT, often technology just doesn’t work – particularly in this market), looks great (fed up with pull cords and big red buttons, any component had to be something we would wear or have in our house) and be easy to use (anything complicated would be sure to hinder adoption).


99.6% SYSTEM UP TIME (big fat gold star to Marcus and his Dev Team up in Reading) and a shedload of proven impact:

*HARD CASH - cost savings (£35k p.a. in just one 4-resident scheme)

*KEEP EM SAFE - 92% users think Alcove has helped to improve safeguarding and has increased their knowledge of residents' behavior.

*GET THERE FASTER - Plus a 78% reduction in response times to alerts since January.

* LIVE BETTER - improved quality of life for carers (84% of support workers reported feeling less stressed since using Alcove).

*MAKE CARE A CARER OF CHOICE - 69% agreed that Alcove has added value to their work and helped them grow professionally/personally, while 54% of them believe their digital skills have improved.

Anyway – it’s not just about what we say… What say our lovely Clients?

The Alcove system has enabled far greater protection against safeguarding concerns; mainly as a preventative and early intervention to avoid concerns from arising in the first place but it also provides a robust audit system which evidences who did what and when if things do go ‘wrong’. This has gathered a lot of attention and interest from commissioners of my services. Quality of life for residents is greater as they receive less intrusive support, for example being not disturbed by workers checking they are “ok” and as a result are sometimes more willing to engage in scheduled support sessions. Contract compliance is improved through our ability to evidence support delivery via the carer monitoring, and is enhanced by the whole system so it is possible to see what action a support worker has taken in response to an alert, which gives greater confidence in the service rather than relying on integrity or word of mouth. We are using Alcove to help us ensure our deployment of workers is optimised and organised at times that suit our customers so that our services are offering real value for money.” Leila Hill, Area Service Manager – Care and Support, East Thames Group.


Performance, quality, customer service, flexibility / customization and user experience were all cited as reasons for satisfaction. Most importantly - 67% of users reported that using Alcove had helped them improve the way they provide care and support so our most precious assets, the older and disabled adults we are caring for, get a better service.

We aren’t happy with 67% - we aspire for 100% - but we are OVER THE MOON that we’ve been able to help. We are ecstatic about the prospect of continuing our work with East Thames staff and residents to ensure ongoing innovation, and deliver even better customer experience and satisfaction. C’mon Alcove!!

Just keep on giving us feedback folks.