LBBD AI Enabled Content Library

We are thrilled to introduce Alcove's AI Enabled Content Library, a pioneering initiative designed to enhance accessibility and enrich the experience of our valued LBBD Care Technology Prescribers.

Through the innovative integration of artificial intelligence, our content library offers an array of benefits, ensuring seamless navigation and personalised engagement.

This Content Library contains:

1) AI-enabled Case Studies, meticulously crafted to provide insightful analyses and practical solutions tailored to the needs of our community members.

Case Study 1: This is Mr Dahlberg's Story

Use Case: Potential wandering to remain living independently

Products: Alcove Hub; Motion Sensors, Door Sensors, Alerts, Family & Friends IoS App for Family, Alcove Data Portal (for Practitioners)


2) Our AI-enabled 'how to' time saving bitesize guides allow for quick, easy access to learn about something in our care tech ecosystem, without reading reams of paper or powerpoint.

Bite Size Learning 1: How To Make A Referral 

Use Case: To show Prescribers whom have access to Liquid Logic how to make a Care Technology referral.

Products: Liquid Logic Access, Alcove's Digital Care Technology Referral Form



 3) Our 'Care Technology Assessment Tool' allow for quick, easy signposting of which products might be suitable for a use case.

 Just hover your mouse at the bottom right of the screen on this site and you will see the little arrow. Click it and up will pop the tool. Good luck!

A Side Note

 It is imperative to note that our use  of AI technology remains strictly confined within a closed system, safeguarding against external exposure and upholding the utmost privacy and security standards. With Alcove's AI Enabled Content Library, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment, empowering individuals to thrive and flourish within our vibrant community.

Please email to learn more.